• Unleash your EdTech's potential !





    Transform your company, your mission and capture new international business opportunities


  • You are a public entity

    from ideation to implementation


    Undertake an in-depth look at your missions, skills, organisation and leverage digital benefits to transform them.


    Improve the visibility of your activities, offerings and launch new services to the education Community.


    Support and accompany your staff through change by targeted training activities.



    You are a company

    it's time to take off


    Improve your market footprint, establish your reputation in the EdTech sector and launch your new offering.


    Evaluate, test and sell your offering in targeted countries thanks to our guided programs.


    Identify new market segments and grow your revenues internationally with the support of our network.


    Imagine and give life to your new project

    Strategic planning and execution support for digital projects focused particularly on adaptive Learning, artificial intelligence and Learning analytics for education and training.



    Develop and test your offerings in France and internationally

    Set up and implementation of international sales and marketing strategies, in situ product/service testing, go to market plans, development of sales and distribution partner networks, fund raising strategies and follow up.



    Optimize the potential of your students and learners

    Planning and implementation support to deploy innovative plans, tools and services which improve learning cycles, classroom and courses management, training and learner's achievements.

  • Our development programs

    You want to evaluate your market potential, test your offer, enter a targeted country or start building an international network, choose your most adapted development program.


    It's time to assess

    Start your market study program and receive a detailed report of your opportunities and risks according to your geographic priorities.



    Want to test the water

    Launch your pilot experiment programm and receive a complete report on the usage of your product or service by local teachers and students.


    Ready to launch ?

    Implement your full business development program in 3 stages : opportunity assessment + partner program creation and set up your partner network.



    EDvisor partners is a consulting company specialized in digital education and training serving both public (ministries, operators, local education authority…) and private clients Worldwide.



    The company provides personalized services in the areas of audit, assistance (project management, contracting), delegation of functions (interim management, outsourcing) allowing clients to tackle new opportunities.



    We are highly focused working in a "hands on "approach, close to the field and to meet our client's needs with trust, responsiveness and flexibility.



    We are specialists in the EdTech industry

    Digital education is our root and DNA. Our work is honed in a deep knowledge of public and private education ecosystems, training and digital along with market development.



    We mobilise our networks for you

    We have the ability to coordinate a network of local experts, specialists in the areas of research, pedagogy, innovation and business development around the globe.



    We commit to results

    We bring to our clients precise strategic and operational support close to their needs and teams. We bring concrete responses to implement your project and we are able to manage activities such as sales, marketing and communication in addition to assisting in transition of management (outsourcing functions).

  • Your door to international expansion

    The network

    EDvisor Alliance

    EDvisor partners pays close attention to selecting its partners.


    All collaborators are experts in EdTech and readily available in France, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia Pacific.


    They provide an unparalleled level of direct knowledge and access to the targeted markets.


    They are specialists in research, innovation, pedagogy, and sales and marketing development and offering their expertise to better identify your opportunities, grow and nurture your business locally.

    Le fondateur

    Emmanuel Pasquier

    Passionate about digital education for the last 20 years, Emmanuel commits to helping people, organisations and companies integrate these transitions and transformations.


    In the public sector, he has been technology adviser to the Minister of Education in France and project director of France Education at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    His experience in the private sector includes management roles in Havas Interactive, Vivendi Universal Publishing before joining Promethean Technologies Ltd, leader in innovative solutions for education, as managing director of France and French speaking countries, then VP Southern Europe and Africa before moving to Singapore to take charge of the Asia Pacific region.


    Emmanuel is board advisor for several EdTech companies.